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Exclusive Services

 Doctor Barker will customize a treatment plan for each patient. The treatment plan consist of weight loss medication, weight loss injections, as well as one on one diet and nutritional advice. Each plan is specifically curated to you, giving you the most optimal and healthiest weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Medication

There are a variety of weight loss medications in office. When you are doing your first consult Doctor Barker will carefully choose the weight loss medication best fit for you and your lifestyle.



We offer two different weight loss injections, B-12 and MIC-B.

Both of these injections along with proper medication, nutritional diet, exercise and medical supervision create a healthy formula for losing weight.


One on One Diet and Nutritional Advice 

Doctor Barker will be able to give you one on one diet and nutritional advice. Healthy weight loss consist of a healthy diet program as well. Our medical staff not only provides medical expertise but also develop a nutritional diet to help you loss and maintain weight in a healthy weight.

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